SURfaPLUS has the expertise to:

  • Develop adjuvants for application in greenhouse grown crops and arable farming.
  • Measure key factors like deposition on leaves, spreading of drops and foliar uptake
  • Measure the effect of adjuvants on the efficacy of (bio)pesticides

R&D capabilities in collaboration with facility partners

  • Development  of an effective match between adjuvant and pesticide properties
  • Application of physical chemistry for the development of tank-mix adjuvants
  • Greenhouse tests and tests in climate rooms with fungicides, insecticides, nutrients and herbicides.
  • Laboratory track sprayer
  • Rain simulator for measurement effect of rain on pesticide performance
  • Laboratory
  • Using fluorescent dyes for investigating drop residue make-up via microscopy and for investigating spray deposition on leaves
  • Several laboratory and greenhouse tests to predict the phytotoxicity of adjuvants and formulation constituents
  • Access to fluorescence technology for an accurate and rapid recording (quantitative and by imaging) of the adjuvant's influence on the activity of photosynthesis-inhibitors and herbicides like glufosinate and glyphosate.